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About Counselling

Talking therapy provides you with support as you practice, then learn, to negotiate ways of solving problems, improving relationships and changing unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

There maybe a particular issue that is distressing you, or you may feel confused or stuck. Having the space and opportunity to explore this in counselling gives you the chance to look at a problem from a different point of view and allows the time needed to formulate a solution.

There are some problems we can be reluctant to discuss with those closest to us. Family and friends can be too close to be able to talk freely without fear of upsetting them. Talking to a trained counsellor who is not affected by those issues, who will listen in a non-judgemental way, can be very helpful.

In the therapy room most of our work will be talking. As a client you have 50 minutes of undivided attention in which to express yourself as freely as you want. Sometimes we may use creative materials, drawing, archetype cards or beads for example. Working creatively can bypass the 'thinking' part of our brain and release unexpected and fascinating insights.

As well as attending to specific problems and difficulties, counselling gives you a chance to establish your goals and to develop your own resources to cope with life's difficulties in order to enjoy a more fulfilling existence.

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